Plastic barrier for desk

Portable Freestanding Desk Guard. Portable School Desk Guard. Teacher Desk Guard. School Reception Desk Guard. K and University Desk Partition. Portable Cafeteria Room Dividers.

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Portable Classroom Dividers. School Partition Extensions. Custom Sneeze Guard. Plastic Cleaning Supplies. Portable school desk guards are U-shaped to surround classroom desks or tables. Consisting of 3 panels, this U-shaped barrier can be quickly put together with the notch and tab interlocking system. The tapered edges at the ends of the side partitions give the student or teacher more elbow room to work with.

K and university school desk partitions are larger than portable school desk guards, but retain the same basic U-shape. This partition is perfect for activity tables, large desks, and libraries. The K and university desk partition also comes with a pass-through slot. Homework, notebooks, textbooks, and even small bags can fit through this opening while continuing to protect both student and teacher.

The teacher desk guard is made of impact resistant plastics that can handle day-to-day use. The school reception desk guard is a perfect fit for school administration offices and reception areas. At 1" tall, the built-in pass-through slot is just tall enough to allow permission slips, hall passes, or other papers through while keeping both parties protected.

Portable classroom dividers sport base stands that grant them the ability to stand independently without additional brackets. They come with attachment holes and zip ties for quick assembly.

plastic barrier for desk

With multiple material options in both clear and opaque varieties, finding barriers to protect and complement your activity spaces is a breeze. Using the included plastic brackets, school partition extensions can be mounted on existing barriers. They are a good alternative for creating safe, tall, and unintrusive barriers without purchasing a larger set of guards.

They come with a partition cap to secure extensions together, should they intersect. The portable cafeteria room divider provides protection during mealtimes or tabletop activities. Consisting of two or more clear plastic dividers that slide together, they divide tables into equal segments and facilitate safe face-to-face conversations.

Sneeze Guard & Protective Panels for Point-of-Purchase Locations, Offices, and Medical Centers

These dividers are clear and can work for all table sizes. The urinal partition extension can be attached to urinal dividers via the 4 pre-drilled mounting holes or the included Velcro strip, in the event that holes cannot be drilled in the wall.

The urinal partition extension can guard against airborne bacteria and can be cleaned easily using non-abrasive cleaning solutions. For more information go to www. U-shaped barrier with tapered ends Portable school desk guards are U-shaped to surround classroom desks or tables. U-shaped partition for larger desks and tables K and university school desk partitions are larger than portable school desk guards, but retain the same basic U-shape.Help protect both your employees and customers during this uncertain time.

Our supply chain and stocking position are strong, so we can support your business needs. Stay safe. Stop the spread. We're working hard to get you the materials you need to protect your business in this new environment. Whether you are meeting growing demands or continuing to serve existing industries, we can supply the materials and fabrication required.

We have the plastic that your maintenance department or contractor needs to make school safe and meet CDC guidelines for re-opening. Pop-up desk dividers keep students safe in shared learning environments. Plastic partitions can help prevent both your employees and customers from contamination.

Triage facilities are quickly employing plastics in unique ways—as short-term signage, room dividers, intubation enclosures, and safety shields. Public transportation departments across the country continue to get people where they need to go. Plastic can keep bus, rail, and taxi drivers and passengers protected. Food, fuel, and finances are essential commodities that keep our economy moving. Companies are utilizing a variety of clear materials to limit exposure and business interruptions.

Secondary Industries. PVC Plastic Barriers installed in preparation for students to return to the classroom. Acrylic School Desk Dividers help prevent the spread of germs in classrooms. Cafeteria Sneeze Guards provide protection for cafeteria food service. Desktop Dividers provide a safe distance in computer labs, libraries, and shared office environments. Clear plastic partitions help keep bacteria at bay.

Counter Partitions A simple sheet of plastic can prevent germ-sharing. Acrylic intubation enclosure protects doctors and nurses from contamination during patient extubation. Cope delivers material to medical suppliers for face shields. Transparent sheeting used strategically on buses. Plastic partition fitted for taxi cab. Counter barriers prevent contamination while retaining visibility.

Protective Barriers for Schools & Universities

Bullet-resistant plastics for safety and security. Antimicrobial cabinets, featuring material supplied by Cope. Medical computer carts benefit from specialized material.A hanging plastic divider or sneeze guard barrier should be used at businesses, professional offices and reception areas wherever workers are in personal face-to-face contact with other workers or customers.

A hanging sneeze guard is ideal to help protect both your employees and customers while still allowing interaction between them. Washable clear divider panels that separate people help to establish a sense of trust and reinforce your commitment to safety. Hanging sneeze guards that are suspended above the reception counters parallel to it are a low cost PPE solution to the social distancing challenge. It is used at doctor's offices, dental offices, hotel reception desks, ticket counters and work desks at corporate facilities.

Sneeze guard guidelines generally require that they create a barrier between the mouths of people and other people or to food. This reduces the chance of contamination and helps slow down the spread of disease. The maximum space between the floor and the bottom edge of a sneeze guard should be 52 inches or less.

When placed above an ADA compliant checkout counter with a height of 38 inches, that should leave approximately 12 to 14 inches of open space that is used for transactional or money exchanging purposes. Usually, hanging sneeze guards are positioned parallel to and directly above the customer facing edge of the checkout counter. This is due to the narrow space available in most checkout lanes. Hanging sneeze guards can also be placed above other transactional surfaces such as tabletops and countertops or display cases.

These have heights that can vary from 30 inches to 42 inches tall. A sneeze guard suspended above a checkout counter should be 24 to 40 inches tall to create an effective physical barrier. The best material for sneeze guards is washable and clear so that there is an unobstructed view. Sneeze guard materials include plastic, tempered glass or acrylic. For portable sneeze guards, acrylic is recommended to keep weight down. This item is constructed out of solid acrylic and is for sale as a complete kit.

This sneeze guard can be suspended above any countertop or tabletop. The unit is designed to hang from an acoustical tile ceiling grid.

Clear Plastic Sneeze Guards and Barriers

The unit is supplied with two ceiling grid clips, two adjustable airplane wire cable sets and two "S" hooks. The hanging hardware cable sets have a maximum hang length of 10 feet.

The weight of this unit is approximately 5 lbs. Simple to clean - use a soft cloth and soapy water only. Do not use scouring compounds or chemical glass cleaners as they may harm surface.

Available in 4-packs. See item P and save! A PDF viewer is required to view this information. Download Adobe Acrobat software. Log In Register. Ask a Question Print Page.

plastic barrier for desk

Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:.As states are announcing reopening plans, industries in a wide range of market segments need to make sure their employees and customers are kept as safe as possible. Plastic sneeze guards are plastic barriers that are installed to help protect workers and guests alike. They create a safe barrier so that close contact is possible when there are less than six feet for social distancing.

These clear partitions are not new. They have been around for quite some time. However, they were primarily used in foodservice, healthcare, and cleanroom facilities prior to the pandemic. Then the pandemic hit and things quickly changed. Suddenly, there was a need to implement steps to help keep essential workers safer, while still allowing people to buy groceries, visit the pharmacy, and take care of other essential needs. Here at Enclosure Guy, we have adjusted and altered the products we manufacture to help meet the demand for plastic sneeze guards.

While we still sell our popular line of vinyl patio enclosureswe have also expanded our operations to offer clear plastic sheets that can be used to create barriers. The benefit of our clear vinyl barriers is it still makes it possible to see and hear guests and customers, while at the same time it protects employees from potential exposure to COVID Our high-quality vinyl sheets are also easy to disinfect and clean.

plastic barrier for desk

You simply spray them down with an approved disinfect and wipe them off. Protective barriers can be placed between patient check-in areas and healthcare workers. In addition, the barriers can be hung in waiting areas to help promote better social distancing and keep people apart, as needed.

Emergency rooms can also use portable designs they can set up around potential COVIDinfected people to limit exposure and protect nurses, doctors, and other patients. In these healthcare offices, the plastic barriers can be used to protect receptionists from patients checking in for appointments. Installing a clear plastic sheet on the open side further enhances safety measures.

As retail stores reopen, installing plastic sneeze guards around cashiers is necessary. Ideally, there should be one partition between the cashier and customer and another partition behind the cashier and checkout lane behind them if it not possible to keep every other checkout lane closed. Customer service counters and in-store order pickup areas also benefit from clear partitions to protect employees. Grocery stores were quick to install partitions and barriers around cashiers, customer service counters, meat counters, deli counters, and other such areas to limit direct contact with customers.

Various forms of public transportation and buses adapted vehicles to create safety barriers between people and operators. For example, on buses, our vinyl plastic clear partitions were hung from the ceiling and go to the floor to create a barrier between the bus driver and people getting onto or off the bus.

As restaurants start to reopen dining rooms, the use of clear plastic barriers is essential. The barriers can be hung in between tables to protect guests while they enjoy their meals. Since they are clear, the guests will not feel like they are boxed in and can still easily see out. They can also be used for takeout counters and fast-food restaurants to limit contact with customers. For buffet-style restaurants that already had sneeze guards over food, the need to add another protective layer between food and guests is vital.MergeWorks products are sold only through authorized Dealers.

If you are not a Dealer, please use our Find a Rep map to locate a Representative in your area. Help maintain social distancing and physical separation while protecting employees with our acrylic desk and partition barriers. Acrylic sneeze guards, desk separators, front desk barriers, cough screens and other acrylic and whiteboard partitions are more important than ever to maintain cleanliness in work spaces.

Shop our selection of panel dividers and mobile rooms dividers that can easily and quickly be added to any commercial area without incurring any costly construction. Safeguard everyone in your workplace with acrylic sneeze guards and barriers. An immediately available solution to divide large rooms into private and separate areas. Screens can be hinged together to create walls, hallways, private areas, and rooms without incurring costly construction.

Acrylic can be safely cleaned and disinfected with most non-abrasive cleaners such as:. Our Whiteboards can be safely cleaned and disinfect with mild soap and water, isopropyl alcohol, glass cleaner, and the following solutions:. Our Laminate can be safely cleaned and disinfected with mild soaps or household cleaners such as:.

Menu Home Products. We manufacture in the United States with quick turn-around times for large and small quantities. Contact Us Call Us At Today! Get A Quote Today! Product Builder Contact Us. All Rights Reserved. Use the options below to save or email your quote.Cashier Guard.

Desktop Sneeze Guard. Table Dividers. Portable Office Partition. Custom Sneeze Guard. Tall Vertical Sneeze Guard. Cubicle Partition Extensions. Medical Shields. Portable Office Barriers. Portable Freestanding Desk Guard. Plastic Accessories. Interstate Plastics works with companies and organizations to ensure customer and worker safety is a top priority. Adding sneeze guards to any point-of-sale checkstand or counter top is a proactive way to protect employees and customers. Sneeze guards can prevent the spread of germs at checkout registers, restaurants, and other critical areas by acting as a physical barrier that stops germs from reaching beyond the glass.

They are durable, lightweight, and more impact resistant than glass while retaining similar optical qualities. These sheets can be easily sanitized using non-abrasive cleaners. Our cashier sneeze guard barriers are transparent, clear sheets with rounded corners that can be installed anywhere, no special hardware required.

They can prevent the spread of germs in critical areas by acting as a physical barrier that prevents germs from passing through. Sneeze guards can be mounted using the included Velcro strips, or adhered using bolts, screws, or double-sided tape. They are made of durable and lightweight materials that can be easily sanitized using non-abrasive cleaners. Desktop protective shields, or portable sneeze guards, come with two removable stands that slip into place for easy assembly and storage. Aerosol blocking shields allow doctors safe access to patient airways and minimize the risk of virus transmission.

Two arm holes on the side of the block allow the unrestricted use of arms during intubation processes while protecting doctors from potential exposure to dangerous aerosols. The block design facilitates easy and rapid deployment. Acrylic plastic s, including plexiglass, have outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering.

It has excellent optical properties and is more resistant to impact than glass.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Get your business ready to safely open with our plexiglass sneeze guards and sanitary barriers. You can pick from pre-made desktop and hanging options, or take advantage of our build to order by providing custom dimensions and specifications.

These clear plexiglass barriers are perfect for manicure tables at nail salons or retail countertops. You can still see and interact with customers while still providing a layer of protection.

The sneeze guards are lightweight enough to be easily moved. These are available for online purchase in three different sizes :. Small 26" wide x 20" tall. We not only supply plastic sheets and standard sizes, but our onsite fabrication team can also build applications like:.

We recommend acrylic plexiglass or polycarbonate sneeze guards and barriers. The materials are clear, can easily be wiped down, and offers an effective barrier against transmission. Sneeze guards are a great way to protect cashiers, clerks, and tellers while remaining open to the public. We recommend our multiwall polycarbonate twinwall sneeze guards and barriers. The material allows natural light in and protects from the elements. Plus, it creates a more comfortable environment with its excellent thermal insulation and UV protection.

It has a Class A fire rating to meet building codes and can easily be wiped down. In an effort to help businesses, we are moving all sneeze guard and plexiglass shield orders to the front of our production schedule. Call or text Toll Free: Clear Plastic Sneeze Guards and Barriers. Acrylic Sneeze Guard Photos. Free-Standing Desktop Sneeze Guard These clear plexiglass barriers are perfect for manicure tables at nail salons or retail countertops.

Desktop Sneeze Guard - Small 26x Desktop Sneeze Guard - Medium 36x Desktop Sneeze Guard - Large 36x Attach a File. Oklahoma City Melrose Ln. All Rights Reserved.


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