Alvarez masterworks review

This stunning OM offers simply incredible craftsmanship, tone and beauty. Our flawless Shadowburst finish looks fantastic over the solid mahogany top and the hand crafted Paua abalone purfling frames the body beautifully. Nothing can really match a guitar made from all-solid wood. The deflection of the notes is quicker, the quality of the sound is better, you can obtain optimal response and the sound of your guitar will improve as it ages.

After 50 years of making guitars, continual improvement through the use of emerging technologies, processes, and materials is still at the heart of our culture. Alvarez guitars are constructed correctly in every sense, from raw material preparation to construction and manufacturing processes.

Our tone woods are carefully cured; our components such as neck blocks and wood joints are carefully designed. The painting, sanding and polishing techniques we use are continually researched and developed, and our tone is impeccably crafted and married to a stable, consistent and lively sound box.

This caring approach to development comes from one simple goal: To deliver the best guitars in the market at every price point, instruments that are truly amazing value and offer a fantastic player experience. We believe our Masterworks Series is the best value all solid guitar line in the market today.

Their specification is incredibly high in relation to their cost and they perform as all solid professional guitars should, with fantastic response and projection. However, just because the guitar is made of all solid tonewood, it only performs to its full potential when it is designed to get the best out of its materials and components. As the tops we use in Masterworks are very high quality we can make them a little thinner to heighten vibration.

The radius of both the top and back are also refined to help increase volume. Each guitar is designed to get the best out if its components, and for them to work together. These components include our FST2 bracing system, bi-level rosewood bridge, real bone nut and saddle, carefully seasoned tonewood and a thin finish. FST2 is a forward shifted X brace design, this means the axis of the X is closer to the sound hole and therefore creates a larger soundboard area allowing for more energy and vibration to be harnessed.

Both the X braces and asymmetric tone bars are carefully scalloped. The scalloping design was the result of years of continual development in our Yairi workshops.

The Masterworks personality is open and powerful. FST2 also creates very good balance so both the treble and bass registers are clearly present and balanced in relation to each other.

All of our tops are selected by our team and graded independently of our suppliers. Top quality in Masterworks is at least AA grade. Along with a more angled headstock, our bi-level bridge increases string tension by making the break angel of the strings from the saddle to the top more acute.

Improved string tension adds to our sound, feel and response, which are also heightened by the use of real bone nuts and saddles.Loyalty Points. What are points worth? Points are worth a 1p discount for every point you redeem. How many points will I earn when I shop? We display the number of points available for a product on the product's page on our website. Normally we'll give you one point for every pound you spend, but watch out for double and triple points deals for even more savings!

Click here for info. Offering a supremely warm and rich mid-range, this material also accentuates the lows to ensure that the full dynamic range of the instrument is heard. With the axis of the X closer to the sound hole, this design forms a larger soundboard area that can harness more vibrations from the strings.

This allows the guitar to resonate more naturally, giving it additional volume despite its small body size. Sporting a 3-band EQ section as well as a phase inversion switch, you can tailor the tone of this instrument to suit the acoustic qualities of any space. Just shy of their hand-crafted Yairi range, the Masterworks offerings are the cream of the crop.

As with the rest of their diverse range, Alvarez are committed to offering stunning aesthetics, familiar playability and classy acoustic tones. The Masterworks guitars are defined by their all-solid tonewood construction, meticulous attention to detail and designs inspired by the most popular acoustics of all-time.

Established in by major US instrument distributor St. Louis Music, Alvarez teamed up with master luthier Kazuo Yairi with the aim of producing the finest guitars in the world. The success of Alvarez-Yairi guitars helped put the brand on the market, and are still handmade in Kani, Japan to this day.

In the decades that followed, Alvarez significantly expanded their operation, and now produce one of the most extensive and diverse ranges of acoustic instruments in the world.

Ranging from affordable entry-level to world-class handmade instruments, Alvarez have got everything covered. Based on months APR. Total amount payable. APR representative.

Alvarez Artist Elite AFA95CESHB and Alvarez Masterworks MF60CEOM review

It's simple! Just add the products you want to your basket and click the "Checkout" button in your basket.Alvarez Masterworks Impressions, Please. I prefer small bodied guitars and have had some interest in the Alvarez Masteworks series, particularly the MFA 70 or possibly the parlor version.

I know about the Yairi Japanese-made series, but as mentioned above, despite champagne dreams, the budget just isn't there right now. At any rate, I would like to hear from Masterworks owners about their impressions of how you've found the quality, both initially and more long term.

Thanks for the help. George Loudon, NH. Last edited by geoawelch; at AM. I have the MFA 66, which I love. Nice looking and sounding guitar. I have an MPA 70, which sounds great, but I just don't play it. I own the MFA70 and it's a great sounding guitar.

Very powerful for an OM. It had several high frets that I had to get leveled and the intonation is wonky on a couple of strings as you travel past the 4th or 5th fret. I feel like that could be corrected with some work on the saddle. It is a beautiful guitar and has RW tone is spades - deep lows, sparkling highs and tons of overtones. It is not a good match for my playing style because of the overtones but I have a hard time selling it because the neck is perfection - just fits my hand like a glove.

It is the heaviest OM I own and is a tad deeper than the rest of mine too - that may account some for the extra horsepower. If you have any specific questions you can feel free to pm me. Find all posts by roylor4. I can't comment on the specific model you mention and my experience with the Masterworks line is limited to the MD65 I've owned for years, but I like it a lot.

I got it for a steal, but even at the regularly posted prices they seem like a great deal. Be sure to post a NGD thread if you get it or anotherand include pics! Thanks Roy - I think, in fact, I communicated with you in the past about your experience buying a 'scratch and dent' guitar. This is something I am still contemplating. Thanks for the thoughtful replies so far. As far as NGD with photos - I certainly will, when that eventually happens.

Unfortunately, I'm not always a decisive decision maker when it comes to guitars. I don't own that specific model, but I do own two Yairi Masterworks guitars and the Alvarez Masterworks MD65, and they all out play their price point by a large margin. I have too many guitars and need to thin the herd. The MD65 is the most logical choice, but it's just such a great guitar I can't bring myself to do it. Just gotta free up more space in the house. One of my main guitars is the MD70ce listed below.

It is ridiculously good. If you consider what I spent for it, it's even better. It can just about hold its own with my Yairi. Guild Fe.

Guitar Review: Alvarez-Yairi Masterworks DYMR70SB

Godin Multiac Steel.Great transaction! Professional, quality shipper, enjoyed the process. Instrument arrived as described. Thank you! This will be my second purchase from Park. Always a very pleasant experience.

alvarez masterworks review

Prompt shipping and excellent packing is what he's very good at. Never any surprises. I will continue to buy from Park whenever possible. Brian B.

Lufkin TX. I will ship with tracking to the listed regions. To negotiate shipping rates to other locations, please send me a message. Taxes are charged in the following regions either by the seller, per their tax policy, or by Reverb as a Marketplace Facilitator:. Items must be returned in original, as-shipped condition with all original packaging and no signs of use. Buyer assumes responsibility for all return shipping costs unless the item was not received as described. Buyer receives a full refund in their original payment method less any shipping costs.

This seller has not set a shipping cost for Russian Federation. Please contact them to ask about shipping or change your shipping region. Please confirm your email before sending messages. Park's Gear Emporium. Home Acoustic Guitars Dreadnought Alvarez. It has a solid Engelmann spruce top with solid mahogany back and sides, maple binding, a bone nut and saddle, rosewood board and bridge, and a fresh set of Earnie ball earthwood strings installed.With inventive solid-wood builds, excellent electronics and a vintage feel, Alvarez's new electro-acoustics are outrageously good value for money.

It was only after a couple of its guitars landed on our doorstep that we realised how little we know about Alvarez. We all know the name. Before we get stuck into the review guitars, some due diligence. Founded in by North American distributor St Louis Music, Alvarez was originally tasked with selling classical guitars. That explains the name. The first Alvarez-Yairi instruments shipped to the US in Our premium Alvarez-Yairi models are still handmade in the Yairi factory in the small town of Kani in the hills north of Nagoya.

Heads up, all you hungry wood worms out there. First impressions? Both guitars on review here are based around a classic OM body platform and feature cutaways and LR Baggs pickup gubbins.

All-solid woods? The aesthetic here is pre-war classic. We wanted to make a small line of custom-style solid-top instruments from more exotic higher-grade timbers, with flawless finishes and features such as wood bindings. They offer a value that we believe is pretty hard to match. Here you get a solid western red cedar top and laminate acacia back and sides. We took the words right out of your mouth there, huh?

To understand this eye-catching timber, there are apparently over 1, species of acacia. Koa, the wood used in acoustic guitar manufacture, is an acacia. Koa sounds like a denser version of mahogany. What of the western red cedar? Well, a brand-new solid Sitka spruce top is like a virginal choirboy, all crystalline highs with nowt going on in the balls department.

In other words, you have to put some work into developing the voice of a spruce top. You get a head start with cedar. That battle against note decay is helped with a real bone saddle and top nut. The Artist Elite guitar offers exactly the same setup.

alvarez masterworks review

Both timbers are popular stand-ins for rosewood, which came under protection. There is a subtle difference. A Martin OM has a mm While the bottom-end is in the post, there is a piano-like sustain in there, not to mention a punchiness to the midrange that reacts well to the dynamics of your picking.

In classic cedar style, it feels like this guitar has some life experience compared with the newborn Masterworks. This guitar has the Alvarez MST1 internal structure in its slightly wider body. You get tapered X bracing and asymmetric tone bars. Long story short, the intention is a vibrant open tone. Mission accomplished. Both guitars feature bona fide skeletal top nuts and saddles. Their bi-level bridges are designed to increase string tension for more sustain.

Unlike existing units, this pickup reduces that annoying quack you get when you hit the strings hard.An excellent instrument that uses quality components to produce brilliant tones. A real advert for quality Chinese craftsmanship.

Alvarez acoustics command major respect among those who have been lucky enough to play one of the Chinese-made guitars. In the past, that's been a frustratingly small number. Since the brand was introduced way back in by St Louis Music one-time owners of Crate and Ampeg these high-end, Alvarez models have bypassed the European market and landed straight in the hands of the Americans.

In Loud Technologies acquired the brand and began shipping to the UK in The Alvarez Masterworks MD dreadnought arrives lead the charge.

guitar review (alvarez 5013) 1980

The Masterworks Series was launched in to represent the pinnacle of the Alvarez range and came with an aspirational price tag to show it. The major selling point of this dreadnought is it's all-solid timber - a tidy Engelmann spruce soundboard with an Indian rosewood body. It's braced with a double X and bound together with tortoiseshell and herringbone that also dissects the back.

While the overall visual impression is a little generic, it's worth noting that wood coloration can be different between specific MDs, which underlines the organic vibe. The neck is a five-piece lamination, with strips of ebony breaking up the mahogany and a well-executed dovetail consolidating the rugged feel.

The nut and compensated saddles are bone although the gluing of the former could have been a bit neater. Ebony is a bit of a theme, appearing again at the handlebar moustache of a bridge and as the basis of an impressive fingerboard with well-dressed frets and an pearloid oval at the octave.

While Alvarez isn't shy about cosmetics, the trimmings here are functional, with gold Grovers holding convincing pitch on an elegant headstock and the soundhole rosette making a non-committal statement. Alvarez ships the MD with an optional pickguard - we think it looks better without, but it's your call. It offers a The neck profile is on the large side, but this bolsters the tone and gives a satisfying canvass for all sorts of styles; besides which, the run of the 'board is sufficiently smooth to ensure that fretting and moving barres is never hard work.

A real bruiser in both size and performance - advocates of the dreadnought format should find a date with the MD a more than satisfying encounter.

Masterworks Series

At the same time, there's no doubt that the vanilla version has the power to pull off intimate performance and the tone to make it viable for the studio. As well as the inevitable punch courtesy of the generous body dimensions, there's genuine class at every level of the spectrum. Always a dreadnought speciality, the bass response is particularly characterful here, with thumbed notes offering the perfect balance between dark rosewood warmth and attention-seeking spruce snap.

This is supported by an uncluttered-but-full mid and a brightness at the top end that means this model excels at everything from rolling boogie blues to country-style picking.

Even basic chords hit with a pick have a tight shimmer of class - testament to the quality materials in the build. The market is hardly starved of quality, solid wood dreadnoughts, but beneath the generic appearance there's a catalogue of well-executed features and a commanding tone.

alvarez masterworks review

Not always the first choice for recording, this fingerstyle friendly dreadnought proved truly impressive with its big but balanced tonality - it'll make serious players very happy indeed. As Guild and Epiphone and this Alvarez undoubtedly confirms, there are some well-priced serious guitars coming from China.

MusicRadar The No. Home Reviews. Our Verdict An excellent instrument that uses quality components to produce brilliant tones. Pros The superbly balanced tone. Quality materials used. Cons Slightly generic looks. Neck might be a little chunky for some. Image 2 of 5 The decoration around the soundhole is clean and subtle, but a bit underwhelming Alvarez Masterworks MDHowever, this instrument was designed and produced half a world away in Kino, Japan, by Alvarez and Kazuo Yairi, the brilliant Japanese luthier who joined forces with the firm in the late Sixties to create Alvarez-Yairi, the high-end pride of what is today a guitar-manufacturing giant.

Yairi, now 80 years old, personally oversees the small group of luthiers who hand-build the guitars in the Masterworks series. This is a dangerous instrument, a siren whose dazzling beauty can lead even the most levelheaded guitarist to reach for his credit card before playing a single note.

Even the translucent pickguard is aesthetically pleasing. While any guitarist would do well with the DYMR70SB, it is ideally suited to folk- and blues-influenced open-chord strummers and fingerstyle players. I strummed a series of first-position chords and was able to immediately discern a clear difference between this guitar and other square-shouldered dreadnoughts.

Every chord, every string rang true. First, there is the 12th-fret-join-to-the-body design, which results in the neck being moved further into the body. That, in turn, places the bridge closer to the center of the top, causing it to vibrate more.

Inside the guitar is an ebony block with a flange that pulls the bridge plate and top. The strings inserted into this block pull it up, coupling the strings directly to the bridge plate and top.

The entire system could literally function without glue, since the string tension pulls the block to the top while also holding down the bridge. The system also increases downward pressure on the saddle, thus increasing sustain, volume, and resonance while creating very clear articulation between the strings.

The guitar has an extended dovetail neck block. This adds support to that area between the body joint and the end of the fingerboard, where so many guitars develop a hump at the joint. The neck features a longer adjustable truss rod, facilitating full adjustment and increasing stability all the way to the sound hole.

And it impacts the sound. Guitar Aficionado. Home Guitar Aficionado Magazine.


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